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Your Offer

1. Your Class Offer

Based on your information, we are pleased to offer you a trial spot for the following class times.


What's Included:

As part of the program, every class comes with a comprehensive suite of offerings specific to that subject and learning option. An email will be sent to you with further details.

2. Your Details

Please ensure your details are correct.

Student's Details:

First Name:

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Parent's Details:

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3. Enrolment Information

3.1. How the 3 week trial works

You only pay the first 3 weeks if you find it valuable and choose to continue your enrolment beyond 3 weeks. If you don’t find it valuable, you can quit in the first 3 weeks and not pay anything.

Miss a class?

If you miss a class, we will give you access to resources and book you into additional tutorials if your course includes tutorials to support you the best we can! Course fees and Trial periods do not change based on missed classes.


The trial period does not apply for LEAP, but you can cancel anytime. LEAP is a mock HSC exam program that starts in July.

3.2. iPad Agreement

To join Project Academy, we require you to loan an iPad. This gives you access to our curated course materials, homework, solutions, thousands of past papers, and many other resources.


To use the iPad, we take a $50 bond. If you return the iPad in its original condition within 3 weeks of the end of your enrolment, the $50 is refunded in full. Please return the iPad on time.


Weekly rent is $0. It's part of Project Academy's Unlimited Support tutoring model. Apps and resources are included with the iPad.


If the iPad is damaged, lost, stolen or not returned in a reasonable time, it must be repaired or replaced by Apple at the Parent/Guardian's cost. Replacement cost is $550.

4. Payment

Enrolment Fee


Refundable iPad Bond

Refunded on return of iPad