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1. A Beautiful campus →

2. World Class Classroom Design →

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Chatswood Tutoring

1/29 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067

From your inspiring teachers and state ranking tutors to your friends and classmates, Project is a vibrant community where you can feel supported and encouraged. No matter what your learning style is, Project is the learning hub for you. Welcome.


Weekdays: 4pm - 9pm

Weekends: 9am - 9pm


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From inspiring, state ranking tutors to your friends and classmates, Project is a vibrant community where you can feel supported.


1. A beautiful campus

2. World class classroom design

3. Dedicated tutorial rooms

4. Grasslands study sanctuary

5. Staff and students

6. Main office

1. A beautiful campus

Education doesn't have to live in a boring classroom. Instead, we believe students should learn in inspiring environments that encourage focus, collaboration and camaraderie.

2. World class classroom design

Chatswood's classrooms are ultra spacious, and come with extra-wide tables and comfortable seating. Special lighting directs focus onto the whiteboards and walkways allow teachers to engage students anywhere in the room.

3. Dedicated tutorial rooms

Project's tutorial rooms are designed for the most personalised and collaborative school and course related Q&A support imaginable. At Project, every student can access unlimited tutorials, where you can ask as many questions and get as much support as you need from a tutor.

4. Grasslands study sanctuary

This room is about achieving flow. We built Grasslands as a silent sanctuary where you can escape all interruptions to really focus on your work. The rule here is simple - perfect silence; no talking or whispering for any reason. Welcome to work nirvana.

5. Staff and students

People are what makes any foreign place feel like home. At Project, we also believe people interactions are also what helps students grow into the best version of themselves.

6. Main office

Whenever you need help (or just want to talk), you can always find our friendly operations team at the Main Office on Level 1.

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