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Cover all 4 modules of the HSC biology syllabus in great detail. The teacher will guide you through content and help you hone your exam technique.

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HSC Biology tutoring taught by some of the best HSC Biology tutors in NSW.

Alex Loustau

Alex Loustau

99.45 ATAR

AR at Normanhurst Boys

2nd in Biology (95)

2nd in Physics (96)

3rd in Chemistry (97)

Siri Sampalli

Siri Sampalli

98.25 ATAR

AR at Macarthur Girls

8th in NSW for Biology

1st in Biology (97)

1st in 2U Maths

Jasmine Hui

Jasmine Hui

99.55 ATAR

AR at North Sydney Girls

2nd in Biology (95)

4th in 3U Maths (98)

Jojo Vu

Jojo Vu

99.20 ATAR

AR at North Sydney Girls

91 in Biology

98 in English Ext. 1

95 in 4U Maths

The Right Resources

In-depth Weekly Notes

High Band 6 students don't just know the theory. They know the why, the how and know how to apply it in exams, assignments and pracs. Our resources distill the last 10 years of Project's state ranker's and 99+ ATAR tutor's knowledge.

Purposefully Structured

All notes are accessed through the Project Books app organised at an unmatched level of detail. Content is organised by lesson and topic, alongside topic-specific HSC exam questions so you know exactly where to focus when preparing for an assessment.

The Right Environment

"Grasslands" Open till 10PM

Everyday from 9am to 10pm, get exclusive access to "Grasslands" - Sydney's best designed silent study sanctuary located in each of our campuses. In addition, all campuses include fast wifi, free printing, access to textbooks and tutors till 10pm everyday.

Student Centred Culture

Everything on campus is designed so that everything you need is within arms length. Need a tutor to speak to? Pop by the staff room. Need essays marked? Send them to your assigned marker. Have an urgent question at 10pm? Message our Slack channels.

Course Schedule

Term 4 (Oct)

  • Heredity (Mod 5)
  • Exam and Review
  • Genetic Change (Mod 6)
Term 1 (Jan)

  • Genetic Change (Mod 6)
  • Exam and Review
  • Infectious Disease (Mod 7)
Term 2 (Apr)

  • Infectious Disease (Mod 7)
  • Exam and Review
  • Non-infectious Disease and Disorders (Mod 8)
  • Exam and Review
Term 3 (Jul)

  • LEAP - Weekly Predicted HSC Exams
  • LEAP Review - Weekly In-class Review of Exams

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